Ethical Commitee


Chairman :
Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Director, Institute of Himalyan Bioresources Technology (ICSR) Palampur (H.P.)

Vice Chairman :
Prof. Naresh Sharma
Principal, R.G.G.P.G. Ayu. College Paprola H.P

Member Secretary :
Dr. Satish Gandharv
Reader, Deptt. of Samhita (Basic Principles)
R.G.G.P.G Ayu. College Paprola H.P

Members :
Prof. B.L. Mehra
R.G.G.P.G Ayu. College Paprola H.P.

Sh. D.R. Nag
Retd. Botanist

Dr. C.P. Kashyap
R.G.G.P.G Ayu. College Paprola H.P.

Dr. Rashmi Srivastva
R.G.G.P.G Ayu. College Paprola H.P.

Sh. Ajay Awasthi
Sr. Advocate, Baijnath

Brig. Roop Chand (Retired)
V.P.O.Padhiarkhar, Baijnath (H.P.)

Sh. Milap Chand
Standard Hotel, V.P.O. Baijnath (H.P.)

Dr. Vinod Guliani                                                                                                                                                                                       Dr. Jai Chand Memorial Clinic, Baijnath (H.P.)

Dr. Kuldeep Barwal, S.D.A.M.O. Baijnath (H.P.)

The role of the Institutional Ethical Committee at the Institution level is to protect the dignity, rights and well being of the potential research participants. The purpose of the committee is to ensure that the objective of any research is directed towards the increase of professional knowledge about the human conditions in relation to its social and natural environment. The research should be conducted in such a way that no person and persons becomes a mere mean for the betterment of others , and the research is subjected to regimen of evaluations at all stages of the research proposals.

The IEC of RGGPGAC, Paprola is constituted by the Govt. of H.P. and is committed to keep check on any in human and unscientific research proposals and to strictly implement guidelines issued by the AYUSH Department, G.O.I. or ICMR where necessary. No one can be subjected to torture or inhuman degrading treatment and no person can be used as research participant without his consent. He should be made well aware of the proposed study and results there of, before registering him as a research participants and he is free to withdraw himself at any time from the research. The IEC can inspect any ongoing research at any time.